Commercial Crime Protection

A Commercial Crime Protection Plan helps secure your business from financial harm caused by criminal acts such as theft, burglary, robbery, forgery, and fraud.
Commercial Crime Protection

Asurepro Crime Protection Plan is a coverage plan aimed at safeguarding businesses against commercial crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery, forgery, fraud, money laundering, and breach of confidence.

This plan is suitable for small businesses and large corporations and offers protection for losses caused by employees, third parties, and malware. With Asurepro, you can ensure that your company's assets are fully protected and secure against potential financial losses.

  • Employee theft or forgery resulting in loss or damage to property such as money or securities is considered employee dishonesty. Businesses may not be covered for losses if they were aware of the employee's prior theft.
  • Asurepro Commercial Crime Protection Plan covers losses from forgery or alteration of checks, promissory notes, or other payment promises drawn on your account.
  • Asurepro Commercial Crime Protection Plan covers theft of money or securities from inside business premises, including damage to building/premises and locked safes/vaults from theft attempts. Excludes theft of other property by non-employees.
  • Asurepro Commercial Crime Protection Plan covers loss of property (not money/securities) inside business premises due to robbery or safe burglary by non-employees and damage to building/premises/locked safes. Excludes nonviolent shoplifting in retail stores.
  • Loss of property during transit, including theft, damage, or destruction of money, securities, or other assets while outside the business premises and in the custody of a messenger or armored car company.
  • Protection for client property from employee theft, including money, securities, or other assets. This coverage is useful for businesses where employees work on client sites and provides protection in case an employee is accused of theft while on the job.
  • This coverage covers ransoms due to extortion and kidnapping of a business director, manager, employee or partner, and also protects against threats to harm the business premises or property.

The exclusions of the Asurepro Commercial Crime Protection Plan are crimes committed by the policyholder, their partners, or top management, liabilities to third-parties, accounting errors, loss of income, prior theft by employees, data breaches and loss of intellectual property, legal fees, inventory shortages discovered through reconciliation, losses from investment decisions, and fraud involving warehouse receipts.

Pricing does, however, vary depending on a several factors, including:

Businesses that operate in high-risk industries, like convenience stores, banks and gas stations can expect to pay more in premiums.
The more revenue your company earns, the more risk exposure your company faces, resulting in higher premiums.
The more employees your business has, the greater the risk for crime, including employee theft or dishonesty.
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Businesses that are able to implement security systems, cameras, and regular auditing procedures can garner reductions in premiums.
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If your business stores high-value property or keeps significant amounts of cash on hand, you’ll see a greater risk for crime.
A history of frequent claims will inevitably increase your premiums.
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The higher your coverage limits are, the more you’ll pay in premiums.
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Asurepro Commercial Crime Protection Plan can protect your business against financial losses due to theft, burglary, employee dishonesty, forgery, and fraud. It provides financial backing to recover from any unexpected crimes, making it a wise coverage to purchase if your business has employees, deals in cash or credit transactions, or stores product inventory.

Protecting your business against crime with safety protocols, security systems, and insurance coverage is important for all business owners to ensure their business's viability.

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