Industrial Solar

Protect your industrial power plant with our Industrial Solar Service. Our coverage options include Asset Protection, Business Interruption Protection, General Liability Protection, Cyber Liability Protection, and Environmental Liability Protection.
Industrial Solar

What does our Industrial Solar Service offer for protection of 150kW+ power plants? Our service includes coverage for Asset, Business Interruption, General Liability, Cyber Liability, and Environmental Liability, as well as protection against weather-related and non-weather events like theft, power outages, fires, floods, hail storms, high winds, heavy rain and snow, and tropical storms and hurricanes. Ensure the safety and security of your power plant with our Industrial Solar Service.

Additionally, we offer protection against weather-related events such as hail storms, high winds, heavy rain and snow, tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as non-weather related events including theft, power outages, fires, and floods. Ensure that your power plant is protected against any damage to physical assets such as PV panels and inverters, lost income due to business interruptions, claims for bodily injury or property damage, and losses due to cyber attacks or data breaches. Keep your power plant running smoothly and secure with our Industrial Solar plan.

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