WindTurbine Warranty

Ensure Proper Coverage for Your Wind Turbine: Warranty, Insurance, and Maintenance Before installing your wind turbine, make sure you have the right warranty, insurance, and maintenance plan in place to avoid future headaches.
WindTurbine Warranty

Warranty usually covers the failure of components for a specified period, which varies depending on the type of wind turbine and can range from 2 to 10 years. Consider extended warranties from manufacturers with better technology and design. Be aware of circumstances that may void the warranty, such as failing to perform regular maintenance or attempting repairs yourself.

Remember to register for the warranty after installation, and check if there are separate warranties for specific components such as the generator, batteries, or inverter. Ask the following questions before the installation begins:

  • What happens if the manufacturer goes out of business?
  • Who is responsible for each component?
  • Does the warranty cover removal, replacement, and shipping of faulty parts?
  • Are there any renewal fees or additional costs involved?

Don't overlook the importance of insurance and maintenance in protecting your investment.

Wind Turbine Warranty and Maintenance with ASUREPRO

ASUREPRO offers comprehensive wind turbine warranties and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and reliability of your wind energy system.

Scheduled/Preventative Maintenance: This service includes annual or six-monthly maintenance checks and replaces consumables such as oils, lubricants, and filters. Major components such as blades and gearboxes are also inspected through endoscopies.

Unscheduled Maintenance: In case of a fault, reactive maintenance is provided to repair or replace the faulty component, similar to the coverage provided by the wind turbine generator (WTG) defects warranty.

Availability Warranty: ASUREPRO offers both time-based and energy-based warranties for the availability of your wind turbine. However, there are exclusions to the warranty including damage or lost production due to force majeure, unavailability of grid, roads, etc., and a percentage of the year reserved for scheduled maintenance.

Invest in a peace of mind with ASUREPRO's wind turbine warranty and maintenance services. Contact us for more information and to secure your wind energy system.

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